Sunday, 5 October 2008

TONIGHT MOVIE by Theresa Smith

Movie Review - Sleepwalking Land 

Saving grace of war lies in the optimism of youth, aided by a touch of magic

Set in war-torn Mozambique, at the height of civil war, this is a sad and undemanding little story that underscores the madness that is conflict in Africa.

Based on Mia Coutou's Portuguese novel, Terra Sonâmbula, it was a seven-year-long labour of love for Brazilian director Teresa Prata, who used a mix of novice and professional actors with dash of magical realism straight out of the book.

In so doing, she has created a vision of the country as a sleepwalking land, instead of the usual carnage-ridden, war-torn Africa created in contemporary cinema. 

Though not quite on a par with the in- your-face horror of Shooting Dogs, Sleepwalking Land is a war story of a different kind. It shows the dreadful and sad effects of living in constant fear on a range of people. 

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