Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Mozambique, during the civil war. Muidinga, a boy with big dreamy eyes, often hears the sound of the ocean. This rekindles his hope of finding his family again, whom he believes is at the coast.


The boy finds a diary beside a corpse and begins reading it. It is the story of Farida who lives in an old ship anchored out at sea, and who is searching for her own son. Muidinga convinces himself that he is the boy in the diary and decides to search for her. He sets off with Tuahir, a tough old storyteller who finds it difficult to show his growing affection to Muidinga. He even becomes jealous that the boy might soon find his family.


The journey is hard. They move between war remains and refugees in state of delirium. They only have themselves, the stories Tuahir recounts and the entries in the diary that Muidinga reads at night. The road they have taken becomes a magical one: it understands their desires and moves them from one place to another and doesn’t let them die until they reach the so longed ocean.

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